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    Whether you need help drafting a will, navigating the complexities of inheritance and capital gains, or resolving property disputes, our team of specialized lawyers is here to provide guidance and support. Our more than fifty years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the law make Martinez Lafuente Abogados a firm of reference in inheritance and succession matters.

    Inheritance & succession



    A will is a legal document of great importance, since it allows a person to express his or her wishes and decisions regarding the distribution of his or her estate after his or her death.

    Partition of inheritances

    Our objective is to avoid conflicts and disputes between heirs, ensuring that each one receives his or her legitimate share according to the law.

    Judicial partition

    In the event that there is no agreement or that any of the heirs does not want to sign the inheritance, it is necessary to go to court and initiate the judicial partition.

    Disabilities in succession

    Within the field of inheritance law, there are two types of limitations that can affect the capacity to inherit: absolute and relative limitations.

    Inheritance & capital gains

    Once we have the will, it is necessary to proceed to the distribution of the inheritance. If there is good will and relationship among the heirs, we proceed to the distribution of the inheritance in a public deed.

    Extinction of condominiums

    We are specialists in joint ownership. Our objective is to provide effective solutions to those owners who wish to sell their undivided part of a property or put an end to the existing condominium.

    Living Donations

    Sometimes people wish to distribute their assets before they pass away in order to avoid family conflicts and to have more control over their estate.

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    In Martínez Lafuente Abogados we have a long experience in inheritance and successions. If you need professional assistance, contact us.

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    • Experience

      We are specialists in inheritance and succession matters, with more than 50 years of experience. We are proud to be one of the leading law firms in the field, thanks to the trust placed in us by a large number of clients over the years.

    • Quality

      Excellence is our goal. In every task we undertake and every assigned matter we do our best, giving our best from the beginning to the end of the process. We do not accept excuses or shortcuts and that shows in the results obtained.

    • Internationality

      In an increasingly global economy, international advice is becoming more and more important. Therefore, we provide service to all those clients from other countries with assets in Spain.

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    In Martínez Lafuente Abogados we offer legal advice, agile and personalized, so that your inheritance is processed in a satisfactory way. Tell us your case and we will attend you quickly.

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